Welcome to ZÊN Wellness. We are the premier bodywork practice of Billings, Montana and surrounding area.

Before we get started…deep inhale and slow exhale.

That’s better.

At ZÊN Wellness, we are primarily focused on the highest possible vibration of care for our clients, friends and community. We directly focus on mind, body and spirit. With the applied use of healing Ayurveda, oriental medicinal principles, fundamental anatomy and physiology, incorporated with progressive and alternative health techniques and practices, we are steady in our ability to provide a broad range of complete wellness and total support. ZÊN Wellness is a combination of many years and experiences in oriental medicine studies, varied bodywork therapy modalities, doula adventures, love of meditation and yoga, and a continuous quest for peace, joy, balance and ZÊN. We are in the business of bodywork and birth, and would be honored to have the opportunity to consult with you on either, or both.

Take time to look around, book an appointment or, contact us with any inquiries you may have.